We need your support more than ever as 3.5 million report alcohol conflict in lockdown

We need your support more than ever as 3.5 million report alcohol conflict in lockdown

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1 in 5 people are drinking more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who drink most often are the least likely to have cut back. Alcohol doesn't just harm the physical and mental health of the individual, it impacts the entire home including the risk and severity of domestic abuse. A gift of £10 could help to support families dealing with alcohol conflict during lockdown.

Part of the problem is that for a lot of people alcohol around the house is their 'trigger'. If they are around their trigger all the time that leads them to drinking more, and more often. Lizzie* has found lockdown particularly challenging:

"Since lockdown things have been harder. I have had to stop my therapy sessions, and there have been a couple times I have thought, I could just drink that whole bottle of prosecco thats still hanging around from Christmas... Everywhere online people are talking about drinking to respond to our current situation and honestly it breaks my heart, because I dont want to be numb anymore. Im part of a support group online run by Alcohol Change UK, and Im using that plus remembering all the positives of getting control of my drinking to help me keep going during lockdown."

Alcohol sales have increased drastically in the UK. Our new research has shown that 18% of daily drinkers have increased the amount they are drinking. 3.5 million adults are living in households where alcohol is leading to greater conflict. More than 200,000 children in England live with an alcohol-dependent parent and during lock down, that can be particularly hard.

With alcohol services across the country closed this is a particularly difficult time for people.

Alcohol Change UK are doing everything we can to help.

Visits to the 'Get help now' of Alcohol Change UK's website section are up 355% compared to this time last year. As a result of the pandemic we have created a special Covid hub to provide specialist advice and information for this very difficult period in our lives.

Lauren from Alcohol Change UK is providing support to people to help with their drinking:

"During the lockdown many see alcohol as a vital accompaniment to video chats with family and friends. So, what if we feel less sparkling sober?"

Through the Blue Light programme Mike Ward works with some of the UK's most vulnerable people, those often called 'change-resistant' drinkers - and this group faces particular challenges as a result of coronavirus. Mike works with these vulnerable groups and offers training and advice to front line staff working with them. Mike said:

"Since lockdown I have received a number of calls about the problems coronavirus is posing for this group of people."

Alcohol Change UK's Policy Director for Wales, Andrew says:

"Blue Light helps people get the help they need. The project makes sure that services know what to do, and they then go out and do it. Blue Light makes a massive difference."

One in seven people with children under 18 living in their household reported that alcohol had increased tensions.

Other charities are reporting a significant increase in calls surrounding parental alcohol misuse, with one charity reporting a 22% increase of helpline calls regarding parental alcohol misuse in the UK since lockdown began.We are speaking up for alcohol services and supporting people. Our team is offering advice and support through our dedicated Covid hub, online support groups and supporting front line staff. Our Try Dry app helps people monitor their drinking.

People need Alcohol Change UK now more than ever.

Alcohol harm is not inevitable. But we cannot reduce alcohol harm alone. We need your help. Please give a gift today or regularly. The more we work together, the more people we can reach, and the more lives will be improved during this difficult time.

A gift of £10 could help provide vital information and advice via our Covid hub to support those experiencing alcohol conflict during lockdown.

Please make a donation today.

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Fundraising started!
Fundraising started!

We need your support more than ever as 3.5 million report alcohol conflict in lockdown has launched a fundraising campaign, show your support with a donation!